There is a treatment that supports you and your loved ones.

“I am sorry but you have cancer”

Hearing those distressing words when dealing with the health of yourself or a loved one can feel devastating. I have heard those words and know first hand the impact and implications of this type of upheaval. Whether your diagnosis is treatable, terminal or anywhere in between, the ability to cope is within reach for yourself and your family. Allow me to guide you through this difficult journey from acceptance to treatment and beyond.

That’s where “Thriving Through Cancer Together” comes in:

  • “Thriving”…because we can still thrive, even when dealing with a fearful diagnosis and sickening treatments. 
  • “Through”…because we don’t have to wait until we are finished with the cancer experience to grab hold of thriving
  • “Together”…because we are better when connected to others who are experiencing and learning together and better when we can be mentored by someone who has already walked the path and has come through to the other side, stronger.

Coming Soon!

Thriving Through Cancer Together is a monthly, membership program.  For your monthly payments of $49, you will receive:

  • Twice a month, live, hour-long sessions with me, where I will speak to a particular topic then answer questions from you. Following the live session, discussion will continue in the forum pages.
  • Twice a month, live, hour-long sessions with me, for your family members and caregivers. They will find support and will be able to get their questions answered. Discussion will continue for them following the live feed, as well, in the forum pages.
  • You will have unlimited access to forum pages where you may connect with other members and discuss your concerns any time of the night or day. Think of it like Facebook, but just for us.
  • The members-only website pages include expert interviews from medical professionals and other cancer patients who have agreed to share their wisdom and experiences with you.
  • Informative videos on the topics of, Preparing for Chemotherapy, Preparing for Surgery, Preparing for Radiation, Preparing for Stem Cell Transplant, Helping Your Children Deal with Your Diagnosis.
  • Helpful articles posted to further address your topics of concern, with topics taken from your questions.
Sample of Topics:

  • The Difference between Complimentary Care and Alternative Treatments
  • What Do I Still Have Control Over?
  • Recovering Your Joy
  • Talking About the Hard Things
  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Stem Cell Transplant
  • Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Talking to family members and friends about your diagnosis and treatment
  • Helping your children deal with the diagnosis and treatment
  • Grieving your losses
  • Diagnosis shock
  • What about if I am tired of trying?
  • How can I be hopeful and realistic at the same time?
  • Building your support system
  • Financial considerations
  • Effects of cancer on marriage
  • Effects of cancer on sexuality
  • Many more…

“Thank you. I can’t tell you how much it means to connect with women who have the same cancer…who understand what I’m going through.”

“Tonight’s session meant so much to me. Now I don’t feel so alone.”

“At the last session you gave me some ideas for how to deal with the anxiety that comes from going back to the cancer clinic. I tried them out this week and it worked. It made the visit so much easier. Thank you.”

“You’ve given me lot so ideas for how to deal with my mess of feelings. Now I don’t feel so overwhelmed.”

“It means so much to be listened to.”