Living Beyond Dieting Online Edition is a 6-week, daily program designed, using cognitive behavioral principles, to help you recognize and break through the sabotaging thoughts and actions and to finally make eating and activity changes that can last long-term.

Were you one of the 45 million Americans who went on a diet this year?

If you dieted this year or in the previous years, how is it working for you?

Did you lose the weight you wanted to lose? Have you been able to keep it off?

Experts say that as afew as 5 percent of individuals who lose weight on diets, are able to keep the weight off, long-term, so if you are part of the 95% who have dieted unsuccessfully you are definitely not alone, however, you likely feel unwarranted shame about this.

Another staggering statistic involves the number of overweight or obese adults in the United States. Some reports say about 70 percent of Americans fit in this category. If you are still working to shed those extra pounds, I repeat…you are not alone.

Those statistics just tell a part of the story. The heartbreak of failed diets are the health issues…the increased risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, certain cancers, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease, kidney disease and problems with pregnancy… and these are just the physical health issues. If you’ve struggled with maintaining a healthy weight, the emotional heartbreaks can cause even more pain.
Until you’ve wrestled with your weight or tried to maintain a new health habit such as decreasing sugar, you don’t know the anguish that particular struggle can bring.  If this is your battle, you have a long list of heartbreaks, such as not having enough energy to play with your children or grands, not having the strength for fun things like hiking, skiing or even a long walk, not wanting to wear a bathing suit or shorts, not feeling comfortable at the beach, being embarrassed when you crowd someone in an airplane or auditorium seat, hesitating to get to know someone, feeling like you’re a weak person, feeling shame…this list is endless and likely causes more pain than the health issues.
The problem is not the diets you choose or the exercise plans you start and stop…it’s not your will power or your sweet tooth…it’s not holidays or vacations…it’s not the co-workers who bring doughnuts, the mom who bakes you brownies or the friend who offers you a Snickers!

The problem is the cultural and media mindset that teaches, “If you’ll just try this new diet…if you’ll just use this supplement…if you’ll just try harder.” That mindset keeps you trapped because it completely avoids the real issue. That real issue is what is going on in your heart and mind that gets in the way…and the shame that goes along with it.  It’s the things you are saying to yourself and the thoughts and feelings you are having that you don’t even notice. You may have changed your diet, but until you change your mind, changes in eating patterns won’t last.

For this reason, lasting change comes when we combine changes in eating and exercise with changes in thought patterns. We discover what thoughts are hiding and creating problems for us – we challenge and change those thoughts – and our behavior changes, which changes our life!

Living Beyond Dieting Online Edition

This is a 6-week, daily program designed, using cognitive behavioral principles, to help you recognize and break through the sabotaging thoughts and actions and to finally make eating and activity changes that can last long-term. It can be used for individuals who need to lose weight, gain weight, or change eating and/or exercise patterns. Your new habits become a sustained, way of life. It is an intensive program, meant for those who are serious about making long term change and are willing to commit daily time, focus and energy to making that happen.  Your health issues did not develop over-night and it will require intentional effort to make lasting changes. When you apply that intentional effort and complete this program, you will be proud of your accomplishment and amazed at the health changes in your life. And one of the best things about this program, is that it helps you dissolve the shame that often surrounds a weight or health struggle.
Living Beyond Dieting Online Edition was designed by Martha L Van Dam, a State Licensed Mental Health and National Board Certified Counselor.

The program includes:


  • Videos, delivered to your email daily for six weeks. These videos include valuable teaching, thought provoking assignments, helpful ideas for application, and personal encouragement from Martha.  She will walk you through each step of the learning and changing process and provide you with the tools to make real and lasting change.  This daily communication is a vital part of the program.
  • A 256-page workbook you will use as you work through the program. This provides structure with interesting and manageable homework exercises that will help solidify the changes you are making. Your time commitment to the homework will be 10-20 minutes per day.
  • Membership in a Secret Facebook page where you can communicate with others who are working through the program. The Facebook page is where Martha posts helpful and informative articles written specifically for you. This provides a community of understanding, support and encouragement as you work through the program together. You may remain in the community after you have finished the six-week program.
  • Weekly, Facebook-live group sessions with Martha.  During these sessions, you may ask questions and interact with Martha

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