Online group meetings to help you navigate the difficult waters of life following an affair.


To betray

To be false or disloyal to, to lead astray, to deceive.*

Breaking or violation of a presumptive contract, trust or confidence that produces moral and psychological conflict.**

To be unfaithful in guarding, maintaining or fulfilling; to disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to, to deceive, misguide or corrupt; to seduce and desert.***

To lead astray, deceive****


If we HAVE to go through it to heal, how do we deal with it?

Download these seven suggestions for ways to cope with the waves of pain when they threaten to knock you to your knees and set the stage for being better prepared when those waves do come. 

Will I ever be happy again?

If your spouse has had an affair, this is likely one of the many questions you have asked yourself. And it is no wonder. Betrayal by a spouse or significant other is one of the most painful things a person will ever have to face. Although it is a highly personal experience, it is also something that is best faced with the support of others who are caring, compassionate and understanding, but because it is so personal, finding those safe individuals can be difficult.

The Living Beyond Betrayal Online Group is an 8-week support group for individuals who are varying stages of dealing with the pain of being betrayed by a spouse or significant other.

During the 8 sessions, which are led by a State Licensed and Nationally Certified Counselor especially trained in trauma and infidelity, you will meet and learn from others like you who just want to feel normal again and to stop living on an emotional roller coaster.

Online group meetings last an hour and a half and can include from eight to twelve members. The 8-session package runs about four times a year. Once an 8-week package has begun, the group is closed to new members. This helps the group members get to know each other and to develop trust within the group. Additionally, the first group meeting is foundational for all the other sessions, so if you cannot be at the first meeting, it will be best for you to wait until the next start date. Confidentiality is stressed within the group.

About the Modules

Week 1

Who’s mowing my yard?

Week 2

Dealing with Feelings…or…Am I Crazy?
Healing for the Pain

Week 3

Minimizing the Damage

Week 4

Stages of Healing…or…Where, Oh Where Am I?

Week 5

The Risk Factor

Week 6

The Difference Between Trust and Forgiveness

Week 7

Rebuilding Trust…Is it Possible?

Week 8

Building Intimacy, Again
or for the First Time

Comments from Previous Attendees

“Thank you. You have moved mountains for me.”

You are a marriage saver. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much for everything! Not sure where I’d be without you!”

In this group, you will:
  • Meet others who are also healing.
  • Learn from their experiences and receive comfort and strength from others who “get it.”
  • Receive help from a caring professional who is experienced in sensitively dealing with those who have been exactly where you are and in helping hurting people find relief.

Next session TBD

Tuesday evenings at 6:00 – 7:30 ET


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